About L&D
Lara & Davis LLP is a civil litigation and trial law firm located in Southern California. The firm’s practice is devoted to providing its clients with high quality legal services at cost-effective rates.

Our attorneys are graduates of top law schools and universities such as the University of California - Hastings College of the Law and Stanford University, and are former litigators and trial attorneys from California’s largest and most prestigious law firms. L&D attorneys take pride in their record of success at trial, arbitration, law and motion practice, and mediation.

At Lara & Davis LLP, we believe that all clients -- large and small -- should be able to afford top-drawer legal talent without incurring exorbitant legal fees. We stand by the philosophy of not overstaffing cases and carefully manage the entire litigation and trial process. Through decades of collective legal experience we have developed a proven litigation system that effectively uses technology to provide superior legal representation for our clients.

Our approach to litigation is to seize the initiative in the cases we handle in order to resolve them as quickly and cost effectively as possible in the best interest of our clients. We do not spend time on activities that build up billable hours but are unlikely to contribute to a successful outcome.

At L&D we are not discovery litigators and do not hesitate to go to trial when necessary. Our adversaries know that we will take a case to trial allowing us to achieve optimum results.