Head Start Providers, Charter Schools and Other Publically-Funded Organizations
Lara & Davis LLP has represented a vast array of Head Start providers and Charter Schools throughout Southern California. L&D attorneys have successfully represented clients in the areas of general nonprofit law, contracts, corporate governance, federal and state grants, funding source disputes, administrative appeals, litigation, labor and employment law, private fundraising, real estate, taxation, and regulatory compliance.

Head Start Funded Entities

Lara & Davis LLP has a long history of working with Head Start grantee and delegate agencies. Our firm acts as general counsel to grantees and works with Head Start programs, and other grant-funded organizations to find solutions to specific issues related to their grant-funded activities. In addition to acting as traditional lawyers, we assist grant-funded entities in preparing for and responding to federal and state monitoring reviews and performance audits. Our lawyers represent grantees in administrative appeals, enforcement actions, and litigation at the state, regional, and federal levels.

L&D also provides training and technical assistance to grant-funded entities. We help grantees determine their levels of compliance with program requirements; design and assist grant-funded entities in implementing compliance systems (including the creation and revision of policies and procedures); and provide compliance and governance training.

Charter School Entities

Lara & Davis LLP's attorneys have a long and successful track record of providing comprehensive and cost-effective legal solutions to charter schools and other educational organizations. In fact, the firm's partners are founding board members of high performing charter schools in Southern California that have received the California Distinguished School designation.

The scope of L&D’s education law practice covers the following areas:

  • Formation of nonprofit corporation
  • Board governance and administration
  • Employment law
  • Representation before educational agencies and courts
  • School policy development
  • Revocation proceedings
  • Business service agreements
  • Charter school petition drafting
  • Charter school renewals